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In order to promote the upgrading of independent innovation capability, Henan Weihua set up a number of standardized design room and laboratory. Grasp the trend of technological development, the new high-tech technology applications applied to existing products, while consolidating the existing results while continuing to innovate.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Science and Technology Innovation

The company advocates a positive and progressive corporate culture, learn from the essence of management at home and abroad, make full use of technology, talent, capital and other advantages, through the management of innovation, technological innovation, and constantly "to car cranes and other special vehicles as the leading products across the region, Of the large-scale Sino-foreign joint ventures, "the strategic development goals.

Companies in the steady progress at the same time, pay attention to sustainable development, clean cleaning equipment in the field, have a certain research and production results. Environmental protection is the basis of building ecological civilization, is the lifeline of enterprise development, but also related to the environment where people live.

Green and Environmental protection

Has a number of patents, the focus so professional


Enterprise profile

Build the equipment manufacturing, special vehicle field quality brand

Corporate culture

Dedication dedication, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and development

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